I love animals, and I love fairness (no really, I am kind of weird about it. I really like it when things are fair and am uncomfortable when they’re not). So of course – I am vegan!

Also, I hate suffering. Everyone knows these days that animals endure unimaginable suffering on their ways to our plates, right?

I really enjoy reading other women’s blogs about pregnancy and mothering. But it is hard to feel like I’m bonding with someone on a personal level through their* words, and then come across some casual mention of, say, deskinning a chicken. I know the woman isn’t connecting her words with the animal who once was, they way I can’t help but do, yet it creates a distance between us.

To me, veganism is the state of mind that we should refrain from harming animals when we can easily choose not to. This is a value that my family holds deeply, and of course we forge bonds with others–bloggers we follow being no exception–over shared values. There are very few pregnancy and mothering blogs written by vegans (but do check out Noelle Aloud and Our Vegan Pregnancy!) so I am writing the kind of blog that I wish I could read more of.

If you’re vegan, I hope you can find comfort in my words, knowing that when animals do come up, it will be animals who are alive and well.

If you’re not vegan, welcome! We have a lot more in common than you might think. I hope you’ll stay and even try a vegan recipe or two.

You can also check out this early blog post about why I chose to start a vegan pregnancy blog.

* I’m just going to go ahead and use this as a singular pronoun on this blog, mmkay? I think that’s where the English language is headed anyway.


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