Vegan babies are famed for how well-nourished they are, right? At his three week check-up, H weighed 9 lbs 8 oz (up from 8 at birth). Amazingly, at his six week check-up, he weighed 11 lbs 12 oz; breastfed babies are expected to gain 1 oz per day, which would lead to an expectation of 21 lbs gained between appointments. But H gained 36! The midwife said, and I quote, “I can’t believe it.”

He has almost outgrown his 3-6 months clothes, and the 0-3 month clothes have been tucked away for weeks. They already seem so tiny to me!

This side-by-side comparison shows the change – H is wearing the same outfit at one week and at six weeks, just five weeks apart:

one week / six weeks

one week / six weeks

Isn’t that unbelievable?!


2 thoughts on “growth

  1. playlovevegan says:

    Vegan super powers! adorable.

  2. Noelle says:

    AMAZING growth! He is gorgeous and amazing. (Good work, mama!)

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