BabyWatch 2013

Waiting sucks. But why take it from me, when you can take it from science?

According to a 2010 study published in the Journal of Sexual and Reproductive HealthCare that looked at first time mothers’ experience waiting for labour onset:

The participants entered a state of active waiting, “the waiting mode”, in the days around the estimated date of delivery. When the women entered the mode there was a marked change in the way they interpreted bodily sensations. The women experienced being in a state of constant bodily alertness, their bodies felt all-consuming and they experienced themselves as being “more and more body”. This generated a sense of being enclosed in the body, intensely trying to identify the signs of labour. Being in the waiting mode seemed to draw labour closer in a manner that opened up for the birthing process and helped the women to prepare for labour.

In other words: waiting sucks.


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