38 weeks: Human Progress

I saw my midwife yesterday and she checked my cervix: 2 cm dilated, 60% effaced, and super soft and squishy, with the head about -1 station. She even TOUCHED his head!


What does this mean? If you’re not versed in the pregnancy language (real thing), dilation refers to how much the cervix has opened up to allow the head out – it goes to about 10 cm during the first part of labour before pushing begins. Effacement refers to how much the cervix has thinned out – during most of pregnancy, the opening is zipped up tight, basically forming about a four cm plug. In preparation for labour, it thins itself back into the uterus. Everyone knows what “soft and squishy” means, yes? It’s a good thing. Station refers to how low in the pelvis the baby’s head is, with -5 being up high and +5 being crowning.

More importantly (from my point of view) what does this mean for me? Well, potentially nothing. Except! In light of my particular circumstances, the midwives were like, OK SEE YOU SOON THEN!!!

And at the very least, I’m already a fifth of the way there when labour finally does hit. Morale = boosted.

Definitely starting to feel restless and ready now. You know, “ready.”

38 weeks and low, low, low.

38 weeks and low, low, low.


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