35 & 36 weeks: Thoughtluck

Between the fatigue and the absentmindedness, this seems like a good time to forgo narrative structure in favour of a random collection of thoughts:

  • This strikes all the right notes with my funny bone (despite it also being a little sad). “I preg!!” has become a catch phrase around here – A and I have found it to be quite a useful way to explain all pregnancy-related issues.
  • After a one km walk following which I needed a nap, I’ve discovered that walking makes me achy and exhausted, while standing is basically fine. I can cook standing up for an hour, but if I need to walk the one block to the grocery store to pick something up? Ow.
  • The baby is head down! Great job, baby!
  • A friend gifted A and I with the most wonderful baby shower. I never would have guessed how meaningful it would be to celebrate this major transition with some of the great people we know and love. It really made things feel more real and more special – which is helpful for first-time parents for whom “having a baby” is only an abstract concept. And, particularly because none of our friends have children, it’s also nice to see people one last time before we become all babybabybabybabybaby.
  • Oh, the insomnia. Not fun. My heart goes out to anyone who suffers with it on a regular basis. Thankfully, I’ve begun sleeping better again–probably because the baby has started to drop into my pelvis, and thus away from my lungs and stomach. Turns out breathing and not having scorching, constant pain in one’s throat are essential to a good night’s sleep. By the way, women who are pregnant with twins? I want to hug you 😦
  • Buuut I still can’t breathe all that well. When I go up a flight of stairs I’m totally out of breath. I actually started to wonder if I was always this way but just hadn’t noticed, but A assured me that I did not, in fact, used to consider slowly walking up 14 steps a feat of athleticism.
  • Also: SO. HOT. As a naturally slender person, I usually heat up and get cool off really quickly. Now, I’m always warm. Even at night, when it’s well below zero outside, I have the covers off for a decent portion of the night. I can hardly believe this because usually at the first sign of winter I’m all flannel sheets! Body heat! Covers!
  • Pregnancy is weird.
  • It’s ironic that we give birth at nine months, when we’re at peak discomfort and fatigue. In my non-pregnant, well-rested state, I could totally have like five babies in a row probably. Now, i find myself thinking at least once a day, I’d be waaaaay too tired and uncomfortable to be in labour right now.
  • Sometimes the baby gets the hiccups, which feels like a little rhythmic tapping from deep in my belly. Think about that. A small human is hiccuping inside of me. Mindboggling, no?

Since I’m a few days behind in getting this post up, I’m actually going to be 37 weeks (AKA full term) in just a few days. That means that I’m no longer just having a baby soon – I’m HAVING A BABY SOON.

I guess it’s time to get to that to-do list of things that have been waiting until the baby would be here soon? Thankfully babies need pretty much nothing but a pair of breasts and a warm body or two when they arrive – can’t really screw that up.

35 weeks

35 weeks

36 weeks

36 weeks



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