28 weeks and some tasty vegan enchiladas

28 weeks is also known as… the start of the third trimester! But because I’m such an overachiever, I have been living as if I’m already in the third trimester for weeks now: achiness, fatigue, heartburn, giant monster belly, etc. etc.

The heartburn is getting serious, and so am I. One night after being kept awake until 3 a.m. by the burning in my throat, trying to sleep propped up, and popping Gaviscon, I realized that it was time to ramp up my offensive game. No more tea, chocolate (well, maybe a little), tomatoes, spicy foods, large meals, or eating before bed. It takes a little more planning and a little more sacrifice (two things I like to keep to a minimum), but sleeping upright while partially on fire is much, much worse.

(But I’m really looking forward to my soothing cups of soymilk-whitened black tea. And cooking without tomatoes? Not. A. Fan.)

But when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade a glass of water with absolutely nothing acidic in it! So behold, the delicious, tomato-free, only slightly spicy enchiladas I made today:

Baked vegan enchiladas! NOMNOMNOM!


Do you want to make these? Because you can, quite easily! The recipe for the enchiladas is here, and the recipe for the enchilada sauce is here. I made a few adjustments: I didn’t use olives because A doesn’t like them (I love them, sniff sniff), I didn’t use salsa or tomatoes (see above, sniff sniff), but I did add half a large zucchini and a red pepper. I also sauteed the veggies (including onion) a little before mixing them with the sauce. I used black and pinto beans.

As you can see from the 256 glowing comments on the recipe, this dish is a huge winner and I highly recommend making it.

Behold, my 28 week belly, which is 90% baby and baby-related paraphernalia (e.g. placenta), and 10% enchiladas.

I’m pregnant.


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