24 weeks

OK baby, I’m ready for you now. It’s been a wonderful 30 years of education and exploration and controlled irresponsibility, but I’m ready for the next stage. I’m ready for my world to be shaken upside down by a tiny little human, who challenges my very perception of myself, whom I love in a new and profound way.

Of course, one thing I’ll have to work on as a parent is patience. Patience. Do I really have to wait 16 (or 13, or 18) more weeks? Three-and-a-half months is so long! I am waiting, waiting, waiting for everything to change and I am SO BAD at waiting.

I’ll work on patience later (I’ll work on procrastination then, too). For now, I am impatiently, excitedly, single-mindedly willing each fast-and-slow week to tick by just a little faster, marking off each milestone and looking to the horizon for the next one.

Meanwhile, I’m on the losing end of a battle with the pregnancy paradox of simultaneous insomnia and fatigue. I walk around in an absentminded haze, forgetting a new thing every moment. My body wants to rest, and if I walk too much or too quickly, my uterus fights back with aches and pains. A flight of stairs is a mountain, and at yoga I’m decades older. At night, I no longer take falling asleep and staying asleep for granted. Fortunately, my schedule is flexible, so my mish-mashed sleepiness and wakefulness is more of a curiosity than a major life impairment. Some say this is a woman’s body’s way of preparing for the anti-schedule of having a newborn – maybe so, I wouldn’t put it past these amazing bodies of ours.

It’s no wonder I get achy – I’ve now gained 17 pounds, having entered the second trimester only two or three pounds heavier than my starting weight, and literally all of it is in my belly and breasts (mostly my belly). I couldn’t believe my eyes when I compared 23 weeks to 24 weeks:

23 weeks

24 weeks

Ba.na.nas. I don’t know how I don’t have stretch marks yet, but somehow my skin is adapting like it ain’t no thang (see: bodies are amazing). My belly is itchy, but it’s nothing a smear of coconut oil can’t handle… for now. DUN DUN DUN.


8 thoughts on “24 weeks

  1. Noelle says:

    Aww, looking beautiful! Bodies ARE amazing—and crazy! Sorry about the fatigue/insomnia double whammy. I found taking my cal-mag supplement at night (with a mug of warm tea) helped a little, and my midwife recommended passionflower tincture for general relaxation.

  2. stayingsarah says:

    Such a beautiful belly! good luck with the waiting it gets so hard when you are more then ready to meet the little human you are growing, but the longer in the belly the better and baby will come out when cooked 😛

  3. Kim says:

    I have been following your blog. Just wondering if you mind sharing what you did pre-pregnancy to prepare (dietary & supplement-wise)? I have been a long-time vegan and am planning a first pregnancy.

    • Hi Kim,

      Thanks for stopping by!

      I did two main things before conceiving:

      1. Got a full blood work up done about three months before trying to conceive. I made sure specifically to test for B12, D, and iron (my levels were all in the normal range, but if they hadn’t been, I would have corrected them). Pre-pregnancy is also a great time to test for things like chicken pox immunity and some other pregnancy-related potential concerns that your care provider will know about.

      2. Started taking a vegan prenatal vitamin daily. Rainbow Light makes an excellent, high-quality one, although if that’s out of your price range the Deva one is good too (although I’d take it with a probiotic).

      I was already eating fairly healthfully, and I continued with working on that: whole grains as the default choice over refined, no or very little sugar, some leafy greens and orange/yellow vegetables every day, omega 3-rich foods every day, plentiful and varied legumes as often as possible, and just a varied diet in general (e.g. not always picking wheat when another flour will work).

      Good luck with your planning! It’s so exciting, isn’t it?

  4. Kim says:

    Thanks for the reply. I think I am much more nervous than anything. I had gotten pre-pregnancy bloodwork done last year and didn’t end up even trying. I’m 32 and hubby is 34. We figure now or never I guess… otherwise we will just keep putting it off forever! I enjoy your blog..very thougtful writing and I like seeing pictures of your food. I have some vegan pregnancy books to read, have been taking Dr. Fuhrman’s Prenatal vitamins and DPA/EPH drops for a few months to prepare, and will be going back in for bloodwork again. Do you drink a lot of green smoothies? No aversions to leafy greens?

    • Sounds like you’re in great shape! I do drink lots of green smoothies – not every day, like I did pre-pregnancy, but often. I was incredibly averse to smoothies in the first trimester (they made me vomit!) but thankfully that passed.

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