23 Weeks + Vegan MoFo #17

I can tell I’m pregnant because each time I do a MoFo post, I check what number I’m at, promptly go to write that number in the title line of a new post, and realize I’ve forgotten the number. It literally happens every time, despite me actually trying to remember: “this time, no really, I won’t forget…”. Pregnancy brain! You are so mushy and capricious, but I love the way you are making a mother out of me, so carry on please.

Anyway, #17. Today I didn’t make anything, but I did enjoy a beautiful and delicious sandwich from a vegan bakery here in my fair city. The magic ingredient is their coconut bacon, which is salty, smoky, crispy and soft. It doesn’t hurt that they bake a delicious loaf of bread, either. And wrapped in parchment with a bow of candy striped string! Be still, my quaintness-loving heart.

Cats find it irresistible, too.

I’m 23 weeks. If he were born today, there’s a chance that this little babe would survive! It’s mindblowing to me that I’ve grown a human who could potentially be his own person.

I feel him way up by my ribs, and down by my public bone – sometimes almost at the same time. His kicks and flips are strong and visible. Today I was slightly reclined, resting a cup of tea on the top of my belly, when baby’s kicks caused my mug to jump up and down. Too hot, little one? Too heavy? Unfortunately, I’m too enamored with this movement to move the mug so you’re going to have to deal with it, for a few more moments at least.

My rapidly expanding belly aches sometimes, especially after walking. The other day A and I went for an evening stroll before dinner out. By the end of the walk, I was too crampy to get comfortable – the bumps of crumbled city streets shot up through our car tires into my abdomen, intensifying the discomfort. I had to come home to lie down for a few minutes before we continued on to dinner.

I’m also surprised to often feel a particular soreness around the right side of my uterus – the spot where I most frequently feel the baby moving. He’s beating me up from the inside!

More frequently, my lower back and the backs of my hips are achy and sore. It’s hard to get comfortable at night since I’m not supposed to sleep on my back, which doesn’t help with hips and a spine that want nothing more than to sink flat into the mattress. A small electric heating pad (which also doubles as a bed for rescued baby wildlife, FYI!) feels wonderful on my back and does away with the pains entirely – until the next morning, or the next walk.

And it’s no wonder. My belly grows, and grows, and grows.

I missed 22 weeks last week, so here it is:

22 weeks

And today, at 23 weeks, yet more growth:

23 weeks

23 weeks

23 weeks. I can’t believe how much growth I have ahead of me!


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