Vegan MoFo #16

I mentioned before that in pregnancy I’ve been craving foods of my youth. Last night, the idea of baked spaghetti–a childhood favourite–popped into my head and I just had to revisit its saucy, carby goodness. I’d never actually made this dish, as I haven’t eaten it in over a decade (i.e. before I started really cooking). Fortunately, it’s a breeze to make and it tastes just as good as I remember in its homemade, vegan form.

I used a pound of brown rice spaghetti, toasted walnuts and pumpkin seeds, a large can of crushed tomatoes, and some onions sauteed with green pepper and spinach. I also added some ground coriander, oregano, and a whole lotta freeze-dried basil. Salt and pepper. Oh, and nutritional yeast, of course – essential in any pasta dish. I also sprinkled some Daiya on top.

Bake, covered, in a 9X13 pan at 400 for 20 minutes, then cook another five minutes uncovered.

Also, gratuitous cat photo:

I’m sleepy just looking at him.


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