Vegan MoFo #13

I’m off to spend the weekend with my parents-in-law. They are kind, intelligent, progressive people… who also have the most conservative taste in food I’ve ever experienced in real life. If you gave them regular ol’ peanut butter toast and said it was vegan, I think they’d like it less.

In preparation for the weekend, and to take some of the pressure off of my in-laws to keep us weirdo vegans fed, I made a batch of corn muffins as well as a batch of my favourite almond butter rice crispy squares.

I never would have made these rice crispy squares if I had just looked at the recipe. Fortunately for me, one of my friends made them first and introduced me to their soft/crunchy salty deliciousness. They are so much better than you’d think they’d be! I used to love making rice crispy squares as a kid and these are similar, but much better, and of course not made with pig collagen.

In other news, my belly button is disappearing:

Bye bye, belly button.


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