Vegan MoFo #10

I love rain. If I wake up in the morning to find rain falling, I immediately feel relaxed and content. I realize I’m in the minority on this, and I can understand why, since rain does limit outdoor activity. It’s a hard one for me to articulate. I love an excuse to be cozy in my warm nest with a cup of tea, listening to cars splash past, imagining the world united in their rush to find shelter and to enjoy its warmth once there.

I’m from the west coast, land of grey skies, light drizzle, and the consequent lush temperate coniferous rainforest. I’ve noticed that many people become attached to the climate in which they grew up, whether that’s seasons, warmth, or–in my case–temperate drizzle. On a cold, sunny winter day, when my Ontario friends are loving on the weather, I feel unease. It’s too cold to go out, but I can’t relax for the knee-jerk sense of obligation to go out and enjoy the sun while it’s shining; ironically, it makes me feel cooped up in a way that rain never does.

And oh, do I ever miss those crisp, soft forests with their unending dampness.

I wonder if I’ll ever adapt to the weather out here?

Or am I forever destined to be the fool who grins with relish when someone comments pejoratively on the rain and expects me to commiserate? “Ugh, this rain,” they say, and I respond dreamily, “I know, isn’t it the best?”

So today I woke up to rain and needed–needed–a cup of tea and a muffin. Since it’s autumn and pumpkin is on everyone’s required eating list, I made a cup of milky chai and these whole grain, barely sweetened pumpkin chip muffins.



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