Vegan MoFo #9

Today’s post is brought to you by oatmeal. Have you noticed a theme? My food posts are turning out to be so simple it’s almost like cheating. Almost. But not, because I’m still eating well and posting about it, so there. Maybe later in the month I’ll feel more inspired and energetic enough to produce some interesting things in the kitchen – we’ll see!

Oatmeal got me through the first trimester. Many evenings I could stomach nothing for dinner but a warm bowl o’ oats with some maple syrup and soymilk. This meal get bonus points for being incredibly fast to throw together, which is great when you need to immediately get back to hating food (first trimester) or being horizontal (second trimester, apparently).

Here’s how to make what I consider to be the perfect bowl of oatmeal.

Put 1/2 cup rolled oats in a medium saucepan with 1 cup of water. Add cinnamon, salt, and a dollop of nut butter (I’m partial to peanut and almond).

Leave it uncovered and bring to a boil over medium-high heat. It will heat very fast because there’s so little liquid, so keep an eye on it. A watched pot of oats always boils!

Once boiling, stir well, cover the pot, reduce the heat way down to low, and set the timer for five minutes. After five minutes, remove from heat and let sit for another five minutes without removing the lid (it will continue to steam and soften the oats).

Then pour it into a bowl:

And cover with soymilk and maple syrup (sometimes if I really want to party, I use chocolate soymilk instead, which is especially thrilling with peanut butter):

Then eat it, obviously. And enjoy feeling full for awhile because oatmeal seriously knows how to stick to your ribs.


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