Vegan MoFo #7

This morning I really wanted a muffin and I didn’t have any. So did I just cry over a bowl of cereal instead? No, I did not. I made muffins.

There are a few qualities that make a muffin ideal in my eyes. It should be entirely whole grain, it should have no refined sugar (preferably, it uses a small amount of maple syrup as a sweetener), and it should have a non-crumbly texture. It goes without saying that it must also be delicious.

There are two muffin recipes I regularly fall back on that meet these criteria. One of them is this one, for corn muffins. I randomly found it by googling one day back when I was still questing for the perfect vegan cornbread solution. Those days are behind me now since this recipe is perfection.

Here’s a slightly out-of-focus picture of what they look like:

In pregnancy-related news, this baby is partying like it’s 1999! The movements are becoming attention-grabbing now and I can feel him right up past my belly button. At this point, from head to toe he probably measures about 10 inches. !!! Isn’t that wild? Answer: yes.

Now go make yourself some corn muffins. Seriously, they’re so easy. The batter will be ready well before the oven is even preheated, giving you time to, I don’t know, clean your tea kettle before it shows up in a picture on the internet. Ahem.


One thought on “Vegan MoFo #7

  1. […] and to take some of the pressure off of my in-laws to keep us weirdo vegans fed, I made a batch of corn muffins as well as a batch of my favourite almond butter rice crispy […]

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