Vegan MoFo #6

Today’s post has a time delay because I’m posting about what I ate yesterday. Apparently I don’t always have the discipline to upload photos at the end of the day and write some stuff. Shocking, I know!

For lunch I pan fried a frozen veggie burger. Not just any veggie burger, either: Sol Cuisine’s Almond Grain Burger, which – I think we can all agree – is the very best store-bought veggie burger. I don’t like veggie burgers that mimic meat, because I’m one of those weird people who find the aroma of charred flesh unappetizing, even in replicated form. These Almond Grain Burgers are delicious and they don’t even sort of evoke cowburgers. Success!

The whole wheat burger buns that we had in the freezer were freezer burned. I tried to toast one anyway, since freezer burn isn’t poisonous, it just dries food out. But the bun managed to toast to falling-apart sawdust on the outside while still soggy and partially frozen on the inside. Fascinating but not delicious. I set those guys aside for the squirrels and birds. Instead, I relied on my old standby: Silver Hills Little Big Bread. Sprouted, whole grain, thinly sliced. Love it.

Sadly, we were out of mustard. By the way, do you know how easy it is to make mustard? Just take one part mustard seeds (I use yellow, but some mustard pros will tell you to use a mix of black and yellow) and add one part apple cider vinegar and one part water in a sealable jar. Then add another splash each of cider vinegar and water and some salt. (Actually you can use any kind of vinegar, and any kind of liquid instead of water. Wine would give you dijon!) If you need quantities, use these: 1/4 cup mustard seeds + 5 Tbsps each of ACV and water. Shake it all up and set it aside for a day or two. Then stick your immersion blender right in the jar and blend until grainy and delicious.

So, I was out of mustard. Whatever. The show must go on. I dressed the bread with Vegenaise (another incredible vegan product that’s indistinguishable from its animal-based inspiration) and slivers of red onion, and topped the burger with sliced pickles.

I also steamed some broccoli for the side, and by “steamed” I mean “zapped frozen organic florets in the microwave.” And I didn’t feel bad about it, either.

And this is what it looked like:

Fast and effortless – perfect for lunchtime. (By the way, I realized that I should be posting photos in a larger size so people can actually see them. I wish I’d figured this out before posting photos of beautiful rural Ontario the other day, but I did not and that is that.)

For dinner, I had to use up some celery, because like the rest of the world I buy celery in order to have a stalk or two for a recipe, but don’t really enjoy celery on its own so end up with a bunch of languishing celery in the crisper. My solution, especially at this time of year, is usually celery soup.

Here’s a loose recipe for you: heat a pot over medium heat. When hot, add a glug of olive oil and some diced onions. When the onions are translucent, add minced garlic and roughly chopped celery stalks and leaves (all of it – just chop er up and toss er in). Also add a few handfuls of rinsed red lentils and some thyme and coriander. Stir! Sautee for a few minutes! Stir some more!

Then add some soup stock, or in my case, broth powder and water for maximum laziness and convenience. Cover, bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer. Stir occasionally until the celery and lentils are tender. Then blend until silky smooth.

Eat with delicious bread and an array of dips and toppings that you find in your fridge:

Good night y’all.


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