20 weeks and a Thanksvegan feast (Vegan MoFo #5)

My day started off looking something like this while drinking tea and eating a spelt pumpkin-chip muffin:

View from our room

… and progressed to looking more like this:

Morning canoe on Otter Lake

Not too long afterwards, things started to look a little more like this:

Our cottage Thanksgiving feast coming together (Tofurkey with roasted root vegetables, mushroom gravy pre-thickening, mashed potatoes)

… and then this:

sliced Tofurkey

Mashed potatoes, roasted root veg, stuffed Tofurkey, steamed green beans, mushroom gravy, cranberries. Not pictured: turkey (at farm sanctuary).

Of course, then we had to walk it off:


At 20 weeks (HALFWAY THERE!), my biggest complaint is heartburn. Fortunately, drug-store acquired Gaviscon reliably douses the flames. I feel the baby move inside me every day and am starting to detect patterns of waking and sleeping. I’m also marvelling at my ever-growing belly:

20 weeks

Now if you’ll excuse me, I seem to be growing a very large baby who is insisting I go get us a plate of leftovers. Duty calls!


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