Vegan MoFo #3

Proving that posting for Vegan MoFo is not as easy as simply endeavouring to do so, yesterday I literally forgot to post.

Can I blame cloudy pregnancy brain?

But another great reason I forgot is that I had a few friends over to get an early start on some birthday celebrations. Tomorrow, my actual birthday when I enter my thirties, A and I are heading out of town to enjoy rural Eastern Canada in the autumn. And tonight, we are helping another friend ring in his 30th – he’s a day early, if you ask me.

I think on Thursday I mentioned that I thought the BBQ pinto-portobello mixture would be tasty in tacos. I’m happy to report that I was right! I also made guacamole, salsa fresca, and black beans refried with ranchera sauce. Shredded lettuce and carrots, pickled jalapenos, and more ranchera sauce rounded out the meal.

birthday fiesta

My dear friends brought a mountain of raw carrot cake, which I unfortunately did not snap a picture of because I was, uh, busy eating it. Also: pregnancy brain. To make up for it, please enjoy this picture of the two kittens we are fostering right now.

As you can see, these sweet foster kittens are much, much too adorable.

What will I cook this weekend, when I am roughing it in a cottage kitchen? Should I bring a can opener, some salt? Tune in this weekend for the answers to these plaguing questions.


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