Vegan MoFo #2

One of my go-to cookbooks of late is Robin Robertson’s Quick Fix Vegan. It’s a great source of fast, tasty meals that I can throw together with very little effort. Low effort + high deliciousness = perfect recipe, amirite?

Tonight I made the BBQ pinto-portobello sandwiches. Success! I’ll definitely make this again.

It came together like so:

Start with onions, garlic and diced portobellos.

Add pintos, pureed tomatoes, and the seasonings. Vigorously simmer until it reduces because you just defrosted some blended summer tomatoes you found in the freezer and it was too liquidy. Do not worry because it smells delicious and you know it will all work out, the way it always does when you don’t really follow the recipe exactly = every single time.

Spoon onto whole wheat rolls. Shove into face before remembering to take a photo.

Then eat it! Then make another one because you are in your second trimester and you are hungry!

Then get heartburn 😦 But have no regrets because it was delicious and you would have gotten heartburn anyway because that’s just how pregnancy rolls.


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