14 weeks: a first trimester retrospective – in pictures!

Some say the second trimester starts at 12 weeks, others say 13, and the rest say 14. So the one thing I know for sure is that today, at 14 weeks, I have definitely, for sure made it to the second trimester. Hooray!

As advertised, things are calming down somewhat on the symptoms front. I no longer hate all food = major victory. I’m still fatigued and suffering from queasiness, and I threw up my dinner one night earlier this week, but it’s all very manageable.

I heard the heartbeat a few days ago! It was my first Doppler experience – the rapid beat echoed in the room, KEkewKEkewKEkewKEkewKEkew. “Hi, baby!” I said, delighted, to my belly. Since my only ultrasound this pregnancy has been one at which I wasn’t allowed to see the screen and was under the impression that there was no baby, this was my first chance to connect with this little one in a way that had me realizing, holy cow, there’s a baby in there.

Since practically the moment I turned up a positive pregnancy test at only 3 weeks and 4 days, my belly exploded. It was as if my body remembered being pregnant just a few months earlier and was like, oh this again! positions, people! Actually, when I took that test, I knew I was pregnant. Not because of some ethereal, can’t-put-my-finger-on-it sense, but because of the very real and very physical queasiness and pulling in my uterus. When I found myself crying over an ad in a law mag in which a law firm congratulated a young associate for being awarded a community service honour (“Congratulations, Anne. We are all so proud of you.”) I knew something was up. “I mean, they’re proud of her. It’s just so… beautiful,” I said to my husband, eyes glistening. And after a beat, “Oh my dog, what is wrong with me. I think I’m pregnant.”

I was.

So, by four weeks my baseline belly was no longer very baseline at all. I was already wearing a belly band and wearing looser shirts in a failed attempt to keep my pregnancy under wraps at work:

four weeks

Things sailed along for the next few weeks looking more or less the same:

five weeks

six weeks

seven weeks

eight weeks

No, we will not just call this bloating. My pants wouldn’t fit! I gained 5 inches around my waist! We will call this anticlimactic organ rearranging.

nine weeks

Guys, I think something’s happening here:

ten weeks

11 weeks

Yeah, definitely.

12 weeks

By 13 weeks, my midwife poked around and said my uterus had risen to just about an inch and a half below my belly button. My belly button!

13 weeks

I’m really starting to feel things higher up now, especially as the day goes on. My ribs feel like they’re being squeezed out from the inside and my entire abdomen feels taut.

14 weeks

The belly band is protesting. I think I’ll need maternity clothes soon.

Hello, second trimester! It’s a pleasure to be here!


One thought on “14 weeks: a first trimester retrospective – in pictures!

  1. TF says:

    Squee!! It’s all so amazing and I’m so glad you’re into the 2nd trimester now. Hello, wee baby!

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