June 14th

It’s been awfully quiet ’round these parts. For a couple of months, I managed to put pregnancy out of my mind and focus on getting the pieces of my career into place, which carries with it its own excitement. Lately, however, the baby fever is back. Symptom spotting, Dr. Google, mommy blogs – all of it. I want a baby.

June 14th. Thirty years ago today, my loving, brilliant, compassionate husband took his first breath. Eventually life’s current brought us together and I couldn’t be more grateful. This man brings so much joy and richness into my life. Happy birthday, darling. I can’t remember life before you and I can’t imagine life without you.

On June 14th one year ago today, our youngest kitty came to live with us. She was scared and lonely, and so small that she couldn’t even jump into the bathtub despite trying so fiercely. Now, she struts around, purring and playing, making us laugh, and terrorizing her aging feline companion. She leaps so high, it’s hard to imagine a day when a bathtub wall was an obstacle, or climbing onto the bed required multiple steps.

Happy adoption day, little sprout.

And today. Ah, today. June 14th. My husband and I don’t really get each other gifts for birthdays or anniversaries. Neither of us like clutter or consumerism, so our best gift options tend to be things we can do or eat – dinners, little activities, shows, that kind of thing. But we also dislike doing things when we don’t feel like it, and there’s no rational reason to do it now as opposed to later. So, for example, instead of planning to have a nice dinner on a certain day at a certain time, we’ll usually plan to have a nice dinner at some point during the week when we both feel like we would thoroughly enjoy it. All of the enjoyment and none of the stress. It works for us.

But I did get something for my husband’s 30th birthday today, a perfect gift, something that we both wanted so much.

It’s a faint, but there, second parallel pink line.

I’m pregnant.


3 thoughts on “June 14th

  1. stayingsarah says:

    Lovely news 🙂 x

  2. Cath says:

    This bought a tear to my eye. Congrats from another pregnant vegan (UK) x

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