“Finally an opportunity to see the Hubble telescope!”: 11 weeks

At 11 weeks, I’m starting to feel a little better physically (primarily more energy, less nausea, and less restrictive food aversions). I’m also less and less worried about miscarrying, and starting to really enjoy the sheer excitement of this pregnancy.

One of the unexpected delights about being pregnant is how very excited it makes those around me (those who know, that is). Women in particular are universally beside themselves with excitement, and want to discuss this pregnancy as much as I do! Women who have been pregnant before share their experiences, and we exchange knowing looks as if we are in on the same secret. Women who haven’t been pregnant want to know everything about what’s happening with my body. The connection with other women has been truly special and I’m enjoying it so much.

I’ll tell you what else has been special: my dreams! Suddenly I am dreaming vividly, and remembering my dreams upon waking. Sometimes they’re a little unpleasant, sometimes they’re weird, and once it was even hilarious.

Now I don’t normally share my dreams with others, mostly because I generally dislike being on the receiving end of a long story about someone else’s dream. I mean, is there anything more boring than someone telling a story about something that they can’t really remember and that didn’t actually happen to them? “… and I was in a forest, except my house was there… you know? It was like it was my house, but not. And there was this girl from high school, but we didn’t really know each other in high school – not that we didn’t like each other, but we just had different friends. And in my dream, she was climbing a tree outside of my house so I started climbing too, but then…” PLEASE STOP TALKING.

However, I’m going to share this one dream because I actually found it pretty funny. You can be the judge of that, however, and it will be karmically fair if you roll your eyes all the way through and wonder why I can’t tell that I’m being extremely boring.

So right now (in real life) my husband is applying for jobs and the job application process has been on my mind. One thing he’s been doing is accumulating references, both acquiring written ones and lining up oral ones.

In my dream, I saw his references page, which lists people who are available to be phoned to provide an oral reference. One of them was the name of a professor, but beside it he had written “[REJECTED]”.

I asked him, “why are you including this professor’s name if he won’t give you a reference?!”

And my husband told me, “I want my application to be comprehensive.” Of course.

So then he showed me the email in which the professor declined to provide him with a reference.

The subject line, as initially written by my husband was, “Finally an opportunity to see the Hubble telescope!”

And the email from the professor said:


Imagine my disappointment when I opened my email and learned it was not actually such an opportunity.

You have tunnel vision. Methinks you need to slow down; you are moving too fast.

I was so upset. Clearly, the professor was pissed that he wasn’t, in fact, going to have an opportunity, finally, to see the Hubble telescope. Obviously! This was such a predictable consequence! Why, oh why, would my husband not make the subject line “Reference request”??

Well, he had a good reason. “I wanted to make it exciting so I could be sure he’d open it.”


Anyway, my belly is getting bigger and bigger! It’s so exciting to see it grow, to note the changes from week to week, and to anticipate the time in the not-too-distant future when I will be able to feel my little passenger moving.

Eleven weeks. Looks like I'll be carrying high!

And now I’m really starting to show a baby bump, even through my clothes.

Clothes are no match for this fetus.

What changes do the coming weeks have in store?!


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