wacky symptom of the week + a reason to smile

My body has outdone itself. It has been doing some weird things since becoming pregnant, but this recent symptom really snuck up on me and it took me a few days to clue into it as being a pregnancy symptom.

Without further ado, it is my great pleasure to present the wacky symptom of the week award to: extreme thirst! Congratulations, extreme thirst, you are truly wacky.

This thirst is not messing around. On at least two occasions last week, I plaintively whimpered to my husband, “I’m so thirsty,” to which he logically responded, “drink some water!” (gesturing to the water glass that he has probably recently filled for me). And I, so overwhelmed by my extreme thirstiness, have replied in all seriousness that it just seems pointless to drink more water because it’s just not helping, I’m too thirsty, I give up.

Backing up, I am a water drinking machine at the best of times. I drink water all day and all night long, virtually always have a water bottle or glass at hand, and let’s just say I always want the aisle on planes because I know I’ll be a frequent traveller to the washroom. Before pregnancy, I was a Thirsty Lady. Now, I am a Human Shamwow.

In my non-pregnant state, I usually drink a 12 ounce glass of water overnight because I wake up thirsty throughout the night (yes, I also pee several times throughout the night). The last few nights, I have consumed FOUR 12 ounce glasses of water solely between the time that I go to bed and get out of bed. This is on top of consistent water consumption throughout the day. Where is it all going? According to Dr. Google, I am making me some extra blood and amniotic fluid, both of which need to be replaced on an ongoing basis.

And of course, if I don’t manufacture enough urine to fill the toilets of a small island nation – who will?


In other TMI-related news, I got my sex drive back! Yay! “Morning” sickness, fatigue, and a fear of miscarriage do not the sexiest combo make, so I spent most of the first trimester forgetting that sex even existed. (Bless my sweet husband, who is 10% water and 90% testosterone, for pestering me not a once.) But today, oh today, the orgasm: she came back. Six times.

While I’m completely oversharing, women of the internet, the world is a brighter place when you have one of these and/or these in your bedside table. I’m also saving my pennies for one of these. If you want to know my hypothesis on why I conceived right away, I attribute 50% to my powerful plant-based diet and 50% to the power of vibration. (And before I get too bold, let’s face it, another 50% at least must go to luckiness.) (By the way, the fertility power of vibrators, according to my hypothesis, comes from the fact that you will most certainly be wanting to have a lot of sex.)

But anyways: vibrators. You’re welcome.


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