my little embryo’s all grown up (sniff): ten weeks

Ten weeks marks a big milestone: our embryo has officially graduated to become a fetus! What does this mean? I have no idea! Every explanation I can find is circular (the fetal stage begins at ten weeks’ gestation/the fetal stage is when the embryo becomes a fetus/it is a developmental stage). Well, whatever, I am excited about it, because I am excited by anything that relates to this pregnancy and its progress.

I have mentioned that my clothes haven’t been fitting. I was stoked by a low-rise pants score at my thrift store, but wearing the same pants every single day is not totally ideal. Fortunately, the universe smiled upon me with the most expensive and totally worth it tube of fabric ofalltime: the belly band!

The belly band is amazing. I can wear all of my old work pants that no longer fasten. All I do is turn the tube inside out and pull it up so it sits between my hips and breasts, put my pants on leaving them unbuttoned and unzipped, and fold the top half of the tube down so it covers the zipper. It is comfortable and it stays in place like a dream. Underneath my shirts and blouses, it just looks like a tank top.

Something that has been on my mind lately is how disconnected my husband seems from this pregnancy. I adore my husband – he is sensitive, patient, compassionate, and considerate – so I haven’t been upset, exactly, more just a little sad that it seems like the baby won’t really begin for him until birth. I have heard this is common for other pregnant women, too, that their partners don’t really connect to the baby as early as they do, leaving them feeling a little alone in their excitement.

I have no doubt that he will be an amazing father, however. The way he is with our cats is so revealing of how loving and sweet he is, how much he values play and snuggles, and how excited he gets about little cute and funny things that could so easily be overlooked.

Yes, I am a lucky woman all right.


Each week I take a photo, wondering if I will see any changes, and each week, I compare the previous week and marvel at how SMALL I was then and how HUGE I am now.


Ten weeks

Apparently the uterus rises out of the pelvis in the fourth month (so, sometime after 3 months has been completed), and this is when women really start to show. My thin frame, however, is not so patient. My expanding uterus wants out, and she wants out now!


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