Giving blood… to the lab

My husband and I are planning on pulling the goalie (that’s a euphemism, I don’t actually play sports) in November. So in August, I went to have some bloodwork done.

When the doctor asked if there’s any particular reason I want bloodwork done, I had to fight the urge to feel embarrassed about telling him I am thinking of getting pregnant soon. I’m so used to thinking of pregnancy as something to AVOID AT ALL COSTS and so, even though I’m 28 years old and certainly in the stage of life in which it’s socially acceptable to have babies, the 28 years’ worth of pregnancy avoidance in me was sure the doctor would judge me. But of course he didn’t, I am silly, moving on.

I picked up my results, and despite not taking multivitamins more than (cough) once a month or so (who can only remember to take a vitamin this frequently?! Honestly!) everything looked just fine. My B12 is through the roof at 494 pmol/L (the reference range is 198-615). I often toss a B12 tablet into the blender with my morning smoothie, but I also drink lots of fortified soymilk. My ferritin (iron) is 17 ug/L, at the low end of the reference range of 10-291.

I’ve started taking the Deva vegan prenatal vitamin, and I also take 300 mg of algae-derived DHA twice per week. Once I become pregnant, I’ll start incorporating an iron supplement into my routine.

Next steps: IUD removal, continuance of baby envy.


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