Why a vegan pregnancy blog?

When I first began thinking of becoming pregnant, I craved hearing other women’s stories of pre-conception, pregnancy and early motherhood. I had read the vegan pregnancy chapters in Becoming Vegan and Vegan for Life, as well as several articles by Reed Mangels. I was and am confident that a vegan pregnancy is nutritionally sound, if–as with all pregnancies–adequate care is given to nutrient intake.

But it is the psychosocial aspects of vegan pregnancy that are harder to find accounts of, and it is this which I craved.

As a vegan, the truth is that I can’t help but feel somewhat disconnected from non-vegans. Participating in and economically supporting industries that routinely harm animals is normal in our society, so I know, love, and respect many non-vegans. However, it is vegans to whom I feel the most connected; they are my beacons of compassion and optimism in a often callous world. These are the people whose stories of pregnancy, of creating and caring for life, I want to hear.

This blog is for me, because if I can’t read the story at least I can write it. This blog is also for you, because I want you to have the connection and the stories that make your own pregnancy a little brighter. And of course, this blog is for the animals, whose peace depends on a critical mass of humans becoming and staying vegan.


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